Blackjack Summer Designs W/ ACL-PRO



Want the Advantage? Here comes the famous "Carpet" fabric we all know and love paired with our "Advantage" fabric. This bag is often used by top Pros in the game, and they’re literally as seen on ESPN. Often imitated never duplicated!




The Pro X bag has our fastest  "Excel" fabric on the fast side paired with our "Carpet" fabric on the slow side. Combined, these materials are arguably the most popular fabrics in the business. This bag will undoubtedly be ready to tackle any board condition! The two sides compliment each other extremely well! This bag feels great in your hand and requires little break in. The pro X is the most dangerous "Carpet" bag anywhere near the hole to date and currently our best seller.



For those that have the "need for speed" hold on tight and get ready to "Excel" into the hole!!  This bag has the "Excel" fabric which plays extremely fast on boards of all conditions!  This is the fastest playing fabric to date in the Reynolds lineup. Combine “Excel” with the "Advantage" material on the opposite side and here is what you get... a bag that flat out moves up the boards, that's extremely hole friendly, with that laid back relaxed feel in your hand!


"Victory" series provides that edge we are all searching for. The bag made to dominate the competition. The fast side features our "Excel" fabric sooo F-A-S-T! While the slower of the two sides is our linen soft "Victory" fabric. This fabric plays so smooth, but seems to have a bit of a chip on its shoulder. This bag requires little break in time, and feels great in your hand.



Our new Freedom bag features two all new never released fabrics. There is nothing like this bag on the market! The faster of the two sides consists of our new “Freedom” material and we paired it with the new “Patriot” fabric that is fast, forgiving, and controllable all in )one. This bag comes ready to head straight to boards with no break in necessary. If you want a controllable fast bag that equips you with the freedom to sneak around an opponent’s bag into the hole, and the freedom to slide around the backside of the hole and back in, then the freedom is all yours! This series is the most forgiving Reynolds bag to date, and will not be denied. It’s time to hurt your opponents feelings and…..LET FREEDOM RING!!!!! 


Our latest ACL-PRO series bag has the one of a kind patriot fabric combined with the one and only OG carpet fabric. This combination makes arguably the best feeling and playing series Reynolds has to offer. Speed rating we give it a 4 and 7. 


This is as simple as its name. Take Advantage fabric and pair it with the Victory fabric and you have Pro A-V. This bag offers speeds of 7 & 5. Nothing extreme either side a very EZ bag to like. (Bag is printed on both sides) 


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