About Us

The Start

Cornhole started out for us as a fun game to play while we tailgated at The University of Tennessee football games, and it still is! The more we played, the better we got, so we started looking for some competition. There was some upcoming tournaments in our area, so we got registered and went to play. We finished about halfway through the field, and that wasn’t good enough for us, so our competitive nature led us to get the best equipment and practice until we dropped!

Only The Best!

We tend to go ALL IN in every hobby we get into, so we decided to build some boards and host our own events in our area. As the game in our area started to grow so did we. We began following the sport through the American Cornhole Organization and became directors for regionals where players could earn points for world rankings. We now host all the large events in the area, and we even participate in the World Championships of cornhole! We always use top notch equipment for our events, and host our events like ones that we would want to play in.

Our Approach

We know how to keep it fun and host events with a contagious atmosphere, yet we have some of the best players in the world play right here in our events. We have made so many great friends through this crazy game already, and we’re anxious to meet more! The blackjack crew cannot wait to meet you, until then...NO LIMIT HOLEN
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