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PRO-ADVANTAGE Want the Advantage? Here comes the famous "Carpet" fabric we all know and love paired with our "Advantage" fabric. This bag is often used by top Pros in the game, and they’re literally as seen on ESPN. Often imitated never...
Blackjack Cornhole Board
Blackjack Boards are high quality pro boards manufactured by Cornhole Solutions. We use the highest quality of birch wood you can buy.  The craftsmanship is sleek, but also durable, to stand the test of time.  Our Logo Cutout leg brace...
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Blackjack Game Changers
Limit 8 bags per customer until there’s a better handle on inventory. Next batch has been ordered and we’ll do our best to keep a steady inventory. Thanks for understanding. Bags are in transit and expected November 24th. Bags will...
Blackjack High $takes Diamond Series
BLACKJACK HIGH $TAKES DIAMOND SERIES The Diamond Series are dual slick bags that are literally fast and faster! They are very durable, so they are stiff brand new, but once these bags get broken in they get the “cheater” label because...
Blackjack High $takes Spade Series
BLACKJACK HIGH $TAKES SPADE SERIES The Spade series was the first series of the High $takes series. The spade series has inverted suede as a nice control side that’s still hole friendly, paired with an extreme fast fabric that is...
Blackjack Quarter Zip Jerseys
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Where’s my ladies at?? Girl power has been strong in cornhole the past few years and continues to get stronger! Having a pitch girl in our spade logo was long overdue!  With our first ever launch of the PitchGirl we...
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