Splatter Design Bags


Most of these prints have transitioned to the the ACL-PRO. We do have a handful of mostAdvantage and Pro X prior to the change that are in house that will ship next day while supplies last. 


This bag has it all. On one side is the familiar "Carpet" material we all know and love. The other side is our "Advantage" material. This bag has a little softer feel than the ProEdge Speed. 

So if you like the ProEdge Speeds but desire a little slower slick side with a gentle laid back feel, the ProAdvantage is for you!! #CarpetBurns


The Pro X bag has our fastest  "Excel" material on the fast side paired with our "Carpet" material on the slow side. Combined, these materials are arguably the most popular fabrics in the business, and for good reason. This bag will undoubtedly be ready to tackle any board condition! The two sides compliment each other extremely well! This bag feels great in your hand and requires little break in. The pro X is the most dangerous "Carpet" bag anywhere near the hole to date and currently our best seller.


 The "Carpet" bag. The bag that revolutionized the sport of Cornhole. This is the original "Carpet" bag. This series is unique as it's the first bag in the industry not to have a suede or true sticky side. This bag offers the "Carpet" material on one side and a tough and speedy material on the other.  This bag performs consistently in any and all conditions. Humid, Damp, Sticky, Fast Boards... This bag is a must-have for all players at every level. This bag is the most complete bag on the market. It does it all. You will not find a more durable hole friendly bag on the market. #CarpetBurns

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