#Blackjack Bags

  • This is a discontinued print but we have some inventory in house that is next day shipping. Options of colors and series will be limited and they will only be sold while supplies last. 


This bag has it all. On one side is the familiar "Carpet" material we all know and love. The other side is our "Advantage" material. This bag has a little softer feel than the ProEdge Speed. 

So if you like the ProEdge Speeds but desire a little slower slick side with a gentle laid back feel, the ProAdvantage is for you!! #CarpetBurns


The Pro X bag has our fastest  "Excel" material on the fast side paired with our "Carpet" material on the slow side. Combined, these materials are arguably the most popular fabrics in the business, and for good reason. This bag will undoubtedly be ready to tackle any board condition! The two sides compliment each other extremely well! This bag feels great in your hand and requires little break in. The pro X is the most dangerous "Carpet" bag anywhere near the hole to date and currently our best seller.



For those that have the "need for speed" hold on tight and get ready to "Excel" into the hole!!  This bag has the "Excel" material which plays extremely fast on boards of all conditions!  This is the fastest playing material to date in the Reynolds lineup. Combine that with the "Advantage" material on the opposite side and here is what you get... a bag that flat out moves up the boards, that's extremely hole friendly, with that laid back relaxed feel in your hand!


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